Visualizing Texas Death Row Data

A look into death row inmates of Texas, USA.
The data is from
Which is put together from Texas Department of Criminal Justice


Year by Race Stacked Bar Chart:

Year by Age Scatter Chart:
AgeYear Scatter Chart

Year by Race Area Chart:

Last Words – Word Cloud generated by Tagul. Click to enlarge
WhiteCloud BlackCloud HispanicCloud

By County over 5

Ruby Used for Scatter Chart:

Ruby Used for Stacked Race By Year:

One thought on “Visualizing Texas Death Row Data

  1. csmith

    The wordclouds of last statements are really nice. Seeing “learn” as one of the smaller ones is chilling. It makes sense considering that there isn’t much time left for learning.
    “Sorry” and “innocence” being more frequent (at least on a relative basis) for whites is a bit inconsistent.


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