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Android: Random Musical Artist

About a half a year ago, whilst browsing, I came across a sweet set of data. A collection of musical artists from all around the world. So I wrote a little script to parse the data and appended it into an android application.

Contains 1,240,000 Musical Artists.
Download for free on GooglePlay and try it out.

I’ve discovered numerous bands and artists I’ve never heard of before.

Android: Erowid

“Documenting the Complex Relationships Between Humans & Psychoactives” –

A while ago I decided to index part of the erowid site into a free and easy to use android application. Here is the result of what I was willing to index from the site.

Download for free on GooglePlay.

All content from

Update: A lot of positive reviews from Google Play and people asking for the experience reports to be statically indexed into the Application. Hopefully, I will be given those to add soon. Thanks for the downloads!

Android : Radiology Quiz

Part 3 of series on gamification of a dataset.

Part 1 Part 2

A randomized multiple choice quiz which tests the players knowledge of different relationships from the RadLex Ontology.

Download and play for free on GooglePlay

Relationship sets used:

{“anatomical_site”, “blood_supply_of”, “branch_of”, “constitutional_part_of”, “contained_in”, “contains”, “drains_into”, “has_blood_supply”, “has_branch”, “has_constitutional_part”, “has_innervation_source”, “has_member”, “lymphatic_drainage_of”, “member_of”, “projects_from”, “projects_to”, “receives_drainage_from”, “receives_input_from”, “receives_projection_from”, “related_condition”, “related_modality”, “segment_of”, “sends_output_to”};

^ each one of these sets is the same as the Character to Location set from Part 1. However, these are much larger.

over 12,000 questions .


Added count down timer, added correct answer display if incorrect answer chosen, reformatted button layouts, changed some colors, and added some annoying sounds  XD


Android: Gamification of a DataSET / Part 2

I have turned the previous post Java: LOL!: Gamification of a DataSET into an Android Application.  This example project will show you how to gamify a simple multiple choice quiz in order to engage the user more.

Free download this example app can be found on GooglePlay.

Game Mechanics and Rewards/Risks:

The player gets asked a random question from the dataset and is presented with a multiple choice of 4 answers.   The correct answer will reward the him/her with a banana (+).  If the player chooses wrong he will lose a banana (-) or even go into banana debt.  The banana is an ongoing indicator of status.  If the player accumulates  more then 20 bananas he will unlock this:  (its a sushi roll).  Also, there’s gooseberries.  For every 10 correct answers the player will get 1 gooseberry .

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Android: RadLex – How to HTTP post to a URL, retrieve and parse xml, format and display results in a ListView, override back button, Async Tasks, Loading Dialogs, Webservices and more…

RadLex for android is a program that uses Stanford’s BioPortal Webservices to retrieve data about the RadLex Ontology / Lexicon / Dictionary.  It currently allows the user to navigate the tree structure from concept to concept starting at the root term.

This application requires full Internet access permissions and is dependent on Stanford BioPortal’s webservices being operational.

RadLex is available for free download at the Android Market:

User Instructions: [Short Click] or tap on a concept, will navigate to its children or sub-terms.  [Long Click] or hold on a concept, will popup a dialog with a definition and other term details (if it has any).

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Android: ScotchApp – How to parse Excel data and display it using a ListView and Dialog.

Some time ago, I had come across some interesting data about Scotch Whiskey.  I soon, decided to parse it and display it in an android app.  The app can be downloaded for free at the Android Market


This Scotch data can be downloaded here below.

This file being parsed : scotch.xls

To get this Excel Data into my android java application:  Using Microsoft Excel, I simply saved it as a *.csv, opened it using notepad, and copy and pasted it into a string variable (String scotchData).

For each row of different Scotch, parse the appropriate columns for their values.

I also added a tasty photograph taken by Kyle May.

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Android: How to Install Android Emulator onto Eclipse Ganymede ; Walkthrough / Tutorial / Guide

Want to become an android developer?  ITS FREE!  Just follow these easy steps and you’ll be making free apps in no time.

UPDATE : Ganymede is no longer supported by  newer versions of of the sdk.  Download Galileo 3.5, tutorial still valid    :>

Download and install Eclipse.

Download Android sdk from

Click below to Read the Walkthrough / Tutorial / Guide

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