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Twitter and Tesla Employee Political Candidate Donations

Which political candidates received the most amount of money from Twitter and Tesla employees?

A look into Twitter and Tesla employee political candidate contributions. The data comes from Federal Election Commission and covers election cycles 2016, 2018, 2020, and 2022. Click on Tree Maps below for full size.
Box Size = Money
Color = Party (Democrat vs Republican)

Denver Cocaine 2017 – 2022

A look into city and county of Denver’s cocaine criminal offenses. The data is based on the National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS). The data is collected by The Denver Police Department, and spans from January 2017 through August 2022. The data source can be accessed at Click on images below for full resolution.

Offense Category of drug-alcohol

Offense Type containing cocaine. (drug-cocaine-possess and drug-cocaine-sell)

Offense Type drug-cocaine-possess vs. drug-cocaine-sell

The Spread of ShotSpotter in Chicago 2017 – 2022

ShotSpotter is gunshot detection technology that uses sophisticated acoustic sensors to detect, locate and alert law enforcement agencies and security personnel about illegal gunfire incidents in real-time. ShotSpotter uses acoustic sensors that are strategically placed in an array of approximately 20 sensors per square mile. These sensors are connected wirelessly to ShotSpotter’s centralized, cloud-based application to reliably detect and accurately triangulate gunshots.

Data is from CARTO was used to create animated map of ShotSpotter alerts.


Chicago ShotSpotter coverage as of 7/17/2022