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Popular Song Lyric Word Clouds.

I used Jason Davies’ website to generate these word clouds.

Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
NIRAVANASmells like teen spirit

Ke$ha – Your Love Is My Drug

JAY-Z – Big Pimpin’ ft. UGK

Eminem – The Real Slim Shady

Party All The Time – Eddie Murphy
eddie murphy party all the time

Rage against the machine – Killing in the name

Insane Clown Posse – Boogie Woogie Wu
ICPBoogie Woogiesomehting


Downloaded KSP Demo

This game is quite fun. It’s got Newtonian physics, atmospheres, and other fun space-travel related thingies.

Its basically a sandbox for rocket building, and space travel. You piece together rocket (fuel tanks and engines), try to fly into space, get into orbit, land on Mun, etc..

Here’s high-lights of my maiden flight to the Mun.
one way trip :( (RIP Jeb)

My ugly rocket fighting with gravity.

Burning Maneuver to expand my orbit to intersect with Mun’s orbit.UhRkj1Sh

Floating through space towards Mun.OKUmVDKh

Decoupling.ZnwBLWfh (1)

Mun’s Orbit.QVkvr7gh

My last sight of the Kerbal Planet before crash into Mun.uaOG9w5h

Java: LOL!: Gamification of a DataSET :D

Randomized multiple choice quiz of the relationship sets of Fallout 2 Characters and their Locations.

(Character (is from/is related to) Location)
(Concept 1 -> Relationship -> Concept 2)
( Sulik from Klamath)

Now we want to ask a random question, so we get a random number between 1 and 13 , and pick that row in the data set.

We roll the dice and get “1” so we take the first data row and ask

“Where is Sulik Found?”

This quiz is going to be multiple choice of 4, so we need 3 random incorrect answers, and we need to randomize the correct answer’s location somewhere within the set of incorrect answers.

Make a List of 3 unique/distinct incorrect answers out of the remaining values within the hashtable.  Again, exclude the correct answer  and handle any duplicates.  So in Sulik‘s case, the distinct set of potential incorrect answers looks like this.

Pick another random number and pick 3 distinct values from this list.  Then, append the 3 incorrect values with the correct one.  Pick another random random number 1-4 and display the randomized answers 4 times for “a.)” through “d.)“.

code for now…

import java.util.Enumeration;
import java.util.Hashtable;
import java.util.LinkedList;
import java.util.ListIterator;
import java.util.Random;
public class QuizStructure
	public static void main(String[] args)
		LinkedList EveryPotentialQuestion_AnswerSet = new LinkedList();
		//HOW TO MAKE A Randomized QUIZ off OF a DataSet
		//Gamification of a DataSET// LOL :D
		Hashtable Character_to_Location = new Hashtable();
		//"FALLOUT 2 Black Isle Character to Location" Relationship//
		//( Character - Is_From - Location )//
		//( Concept - Relationship - Concept )
		Character_to_Location.put("Sulik", "Klamath");
		Character_to_Location.put("Vic", "Den");
		Character_to_Location.put("Miria", "Modoc");
		Character_to_Location.put("Davin", "Modoc");
		Character_to_Location.put("Cassidy", "Vault City");
		Character_to_Location.put("Lenny", "Gecko");
		Character_to_Location.put("Marcus", "Broken Hills");
		Character_to_Location.put("Myron", "New Reno Stables");
		Character_to_Location.put("Skynet Robot", "Sierra Army Depot");
	        Character_to_Location.put("K-9", "Navarro");
		Character_to_Location.put("Goris", "Vault 13");
		Character_to_Location.put("Cyber Dog", "NCR");
		Character_to_Location.put("Dogmeat", "Cafe of Broken Dreams");
		Enumeration keys = Character_to_Location.keys();
		while( keys.hasMoreElements() )
			Object key = keys.nextElement();
			Object value = Character_to_Location.get(key);
			System.out.println("Question/Answer Preview:  Where is "+key+" from in Fallout 2?         Answer : "+value);
	    Random randomGenerator = new Random();
	    System.out.println("size: "+Character_to_Location.size());
		//ask Ten randomized questions with 4 randomized answers
for( int i = 0 ; i  < 10 ; i++)
	int randomInt = randomGenerator.nextInt(Character_to_Location.size());
	int iStop = 0;
	Enumeration morekeys = Character_to_Location.keys();
	while( morekeys.hasMoreElements() )
	Object key = morekeys.nextElement();
	Object value = Character_to_Location.get(key);
	if ( iStop == randomInt)
	//System.out.println("index:" + iStop + "    "+randomInt);
	System.out.println("Where is "+key+" from?");
	//Generate Multiple Choice
	//we know the correct answer is
	System.out.println("                   Correct Answer   : " + value);
	//now we need to generate other "incorrect" Choices
	//we need 3, Multiple Choice is Typically 4 questions
	LinkedList wrongAnswerList = new LinkedList();
	//while wrongAnswerList is not unique
	//we want to remove the possibility of duplicates
	//we want to not include correct answer
	boolean is_wronglist_unique = false;
int randomWrong = randomGenerator.nextInt(Character_to_Location.size());
Enumeration wrongkeys = Character_to_Location.keys();
int iStopInner =0;
while( wrongkeys.hasMoreElements() )
Object key2 = wrongkeys.nextElement();
Object value2 = Character_to_Location.get(key2);
if ( iStopInner == randomWrong)
if ( !wrongAnswerList.contains(value2))
if (wrongAnswerList.size() ==3)
{is_wronglist_unique = true;}
	System.out.println("                  Incorrect Answers : "+wrongAnswerList.toString());
	String [] AnswerSet = (String[]) wrongAnswerList.toArray(new String[0]);
	//get 4 random ints :D
	LinkedList numberset = new LinkedList();
	boolean isnumbersetunique = false;
	int deerpCount = 0;
int randomfinal4 = randomGenerator.nextInt(4);
if (!numberset.contains(randomfinal4))
if(deerpCount == 4)
isnumbersetunique = true;
String individualquestion ="";
System.out.println("** FINAL QUESTION ***   Where is "+key+" from?");
 individualquestion += "** FINAL QUESTION ***   Where is "+key+" from?";
ListIterator itr = numberset.listIterator();
String[] abcd = {"a.)","b.)","c.)","d.)"};
int ix = 0;
	int get =(int);
	System.out.println("                        " +abcd[ix]+" "+ AnswerSet[get]);
	individualquestion += "                        " +abcd[ix]+" "+ AnswerSet[get];
if ( !EveryPotentialQuestion_AnswerSet.contains(individualquestion))
	//how do I know when this ^ is full ?????? ???????
	//What is the most optimal way to answer this ^ without doing it manually?
		//the more questions you ask the more answers you'll get

Output Example:

What is the total number of distinct Questions and Possible combinations of Answers?  How many unique questions could be asked? Submit your answers below :D