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Illinois to Chicago Tweet Maps

Playing around with the MapD demo. In order to show off their plotting speed capabilities, they provide a sample set of twitter geo data to view on an web based interactive world map. Time range of tweets displayed is from Nov,1 2014 through Feb 28, 2015. I don’t know how inclusive the tweet data is, and what percentage of the total tweets this sample contains.

Here are some screenshots I took of Tweets made from Illinois to Chicago.

IL Tweetmap

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Visualizing Chicago’s affordable rental housing developments (Multifamily)

Multifamily public housing development visualizations by unit count/neighborhood for multifamily property types, and a word cloud of the most popular management companies. The data is from


The affordable rental housing developments listed below are supported by the City of Chicago to maintain affordability standards.

ChicagoMultifamily Affordable Rental Housing Developments Common Community Areas ColorChicagoMultiFamilyUnitCountCountBubble

ChicagoMultiFamilyUnitCountCountColorAffordable Rental Housing Developments management Company WordCloud