Android : Radiology Quiz

Part 3 of series on gamification of a dataset.

Part 1 Part 2

A randomized multiple choice quiz which tests the players knowledge of different relationships from the RadLex Ontology.

Download and play for free on GooglePlay

Relationship sets used:

{“anatomical_site”, “blood_supply_of”, “branch_of”, “constitutional_part_of”, “contained_in”, “contains”, “drains_into”, “has_blood_supply”, “has_branch”, “has_constitutional_part”, “has_innervation_source”, “has_member”, “lymphatic_drainage_of”, “member_of”, “projects_from”, “projects_to”, “receives_drainage_from”, “receives_input_from”, “receives_projection_from”, “related_condition”, “related_modality”, “segment_of”, “sends_output_to”};

^ each one of these sets is the same as the Character to Location set from Part 1. However, these are much larger.

over 12,000 questions .


Added count down timer, added correct answer display if incorrect answer chosen, reformatted button layouts, changed some colors, and added some annoying sounds  XD


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