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Gravity Simulations with Particle Streams

A compilation of gravity force simulations. Animations show what happens to a stream of particles when the force of gravity changes, or the source of gravity moves. These simulations were baked using Blender’s physics system.

Flower like shapes and interesting stream knots can be seen forming in the video below.

Map of Chicago created by Traffic Crashes 2016 – 2018

Point and heat maps of Chicago created by plotting coordinates of traffic crashes. Time range used, spans from January 2016 through September 2018. The data can be found at

Crash data shows information about each traffic crash on city streets within the City of Chicago limits and under the jurisdiction of Chicago Police Department (CPD).

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Subreddit Relationships by Mods (The_Donald, AgainstHateSubreddits, and TheBanOut2018)

I thought it would be interesting to see how specific subreddits are related to one another by their mods.

Here is an example of a single mod to many sub relationship.

Three root subreddits where chosen: r/The_Donald, r/AgainstHateSubreddits, and r/TheBanOut2018. Below are wordclouds showing what other subreddits share the same mods as the root subreddit. The font size is the scale for how many mods from the root sub are in another sub. The larger the font, the more mods they share with the root sub. For AHS and TheBanOut2018 clouds a mod relationship less than 4 where filtered out.

Click on images below for higher resolution.

United Kingdom Drug Maps 2015 – 2018

A look into drug enforcement in the land of Oy m8s and Jaffa Cakes. The United Kingdom.

The data is from The time range parsed for the street level crime of drugs was 2015 through 2018

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United Kingdom population density seen through the use of Illegal Drugs.

“The Government’s organised crime strategy sets out that drug trafficking to the UK costs an estimated £10.7 billion per year.”

“Class A drugs, specifically heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine and ecstasy, are widely available throughout the UK.”

“NCA seized 69.8 tonnes of cocaine, 4.5 tonnes heroin, 16.3 tonnes opium, 123.1 tonnes cannabis in their first year of operation”

“The amount of heroin estimated to be imported annually into the UK is between 18-23 tonnes. The vast majority of this is derived from Afghan opium.”

Quotes from National Crime Agency (NCA)
Old post which goes into more technical detail of how the data was parsed using c#.

Bonus map