Ruby: Graphing Chicago Towed Vehicles by Brand and Color


Data is from City of Chicago Data Portal

This dataset displays location for vehicles that have been towed and impounded by the City of Chicago within the last 90 days. Illegally parked vehicles, abandoned vehicles and vehicles used for illegal activities may be towed by the Chicago Police Department, the Department of Streets and Sanitation, the Department of Revenue, Aviation and the office of the City Clerk.

TIME RANGE 06/25/2013 – 09/23/2013 (90 Days)


ChicagoTowed by brand

Ruby Code used to parse and manicure data.

One thought on “Ruby: Graphing Chicago Towed Vehicles by Brand and Color

  1. Chief

    Interesting. I had a black Nissan towed.
    Dig deeper and find out if these are inline with the numbers of white and black, Chevy and Ford vehicles out there.
    I would have to believe white and black are probably the two most popular colors of cars and Chevy and Ford are likely the two most popular manufacturers.


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