IMDB vs Rotten Tomatoes on Adam Sandler Movies.

Visualization of user ratings from IMDB vs Rotten Tomatoes for chronological Adam Sandler movies.



2 thoughts on “IMDB vs Rotten Tomatoes on Adam Sandler Movies.

  1. Eric R. Shelton

    I’ve always liked RT better than IMDB for scores, simply because there’s more variation. This highlights that fact very well. Now, what are the odds of adding a third measure- the RT critics’ score?

  2. I'm a critic, so, important

    Both sites full of self important pricks. Reading people’s reviews are infuriating.

    Lucky to be invited to advanced screening prick.
    Names the director and even the fucking sound guy prick.
    Terrible compared to what I expected because of whatever prick.
    Bask in the supremacy of my random movie trivia knowledge prick.
    I’m in a bad mood, so this movie sucks. Can’t give this a 0 prick.

    Still interesting show of data. Would be interested to see the data on pricks. (How many ‘advanced screening pricks’ on IMDB sandler review, how many on rotten tomato.)


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