Chicago Weapons Violations

A look into the primary crime type of WEAPONS VIOLATION from Chicago’s crime dataset on Primary Type of weapons violation includes such descriptions as; DEFACE IDENT MARKS OF FIREARM, POSS FIREARM/AMMO:NO FOID CARD, RECKLESS FIREARM DISCHARGE, UNLAWFUL POSS OF HANDGUN, and others.


One thought on “Chicago Weapons Violations

  1. Thiny

    Depends where you live. Some states requrie a permit to own a gun in the first place, but many don’t. Almost every state requries a concealed carry permit to carry it in public. But do us all a favor and go join the army if you want to play with guns. We have enough guns on the streets. We don’t need more. If you do decide to get a gun, please move to Oklahoma or Kansas or some rural state where you can’t do too much damage. Thank you.


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