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Close Packing Defect Formations (crystal formation)

Visualizing the formation of Close-packing defects using equal spheres.

I rolled a bunch of balls into a closed container. The top of the container is invisible and only tall enough to fit one layer of balls. once the balls finish falling, they arrange themseleves into some pretty interesting patterns.

All the usual suspects showed up:
– Point Defects, Crystallographic defect (Highlighted by different colors)
– Grain Boundaries, Lattice Regions seperated by different angles.

Below are a couple animations I rendered displaying the formation of the interesting lattice patterns.

Exploring the realm of floating point rounding errors

Z-Fighting Hypercube.

I randomly came across this interesting pattern playing around with blender. It’s essentially three glassy (RGB) cubes merging into the same location. Curious, I initially thought it to be some sort of 3d fractal caused by the reflective properties of the primatives within the scene.

Turns out, the pattern is caused by floating point rounding errors. Additional information about this phenomenon can be found in this wikipedia article.

Watch the video!

A look inside the box.   (Click for higher resolution)

In this series of frames, the perspective change is .01 degrees.
Exploring the realm of floating point rounding errors!

Perfect Mirror Room

Perspective from a room in which the floor, walls, and ceiling are made out of perfect mirrors. What would all those reflections look like? The images and animations below were rendered using Blender.

Mirror depth, 5 and 10. Empty room only contains light source.
mirror depth 5mirror depth 10

Mirror depth 50 empty room and mirror depth 50 with visible objects (Click images for higher resolution)
mantascode_PerfectMirrorRoom50depthmantascode_PerfectMirrorRoom50depthWithGreenSpheresmantascode 50 mirror depth red glass ballmantascode_PerfectMirrorRoom50depthWithBLUESpheres