C#: Split GIF frames into PNGs using ImageMagick

How to split apart a GIF image frame by frame, and save each frame as PNG into a sub-folder.

To achieve this I will be using ImageMagick

Download, Install and locate an executable named convert.exe

I created a folder on my C: Drive called

Place your GIFs into the ImageConversion Folder, also copy convert.exe into there as well. So the folder should look like this:

Execute this code:

//get all files in folder
string[] files = Directory.GetFiles(@"c:\ImageConversion\");
//loop through each file
foreach (string file in files)
    //check if .GIF
    string ext = Path.GetExtension(file);
    if (ext == ".gif")
        Console.WriteLine("Splitting : "+file);
        //Get the name of the file without extension
        string filenameNoExt = Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(file);
        //Get the file name with extention
        string filenameExt = Path.GetFileName(file);
        //Create a Sub Directory with the same as the GIF's filename
        Process imProcess = new Process();
        string im_command = @"c:\ImageConversion\"
        + filenameExt + @" -scene 1 +adjoin -coalesce c:\ImageConversion\" + filenameNoExt + @"\" + filenameNoExt + ".png";
        imProcess.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = false;
        imProcess.StartInfo.RedirectStandardOutput = true;
        imProcess.StartInfo.FileName = @"c:\ImageConversion\convert";
        imProcess.StartInfo.Arguments = im_command;

That’s it, you’re done.
Now the ImageConversion folder should be populated with a folder for every gif containing every frame as an individual png.

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