Android: Gamification of a DataSET / Part 2

I have turned the previous post Java: LOL!: Gamification of a DataSET into an Android Application.  This example project will show you how to gamify a simple multiple choice quiz in order to engage the user more.

Free download this example app can be found on GooglePlay.

Game Mechanics and Rewards/Risks:

The player gets asked a random question from the dataset and is presented with a multiple choice of 4 answers.   The correct answer will reward the him/her with a banana (+).  If the player chooses wrong he will lose a banana (-) or even go into banana debt.  The banana is an ongoing indicator of status.  If the player accumulates  more then 20 bananas he will unlock this:  (its a sushi roll).  Also, there’s gooseberries.  For every 10 correct answers the player will get 1 gooseberry .

code coming soon…..

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